Blog/BEA Update

So my friends I've off to BEA this week. I will be there later because I get in early Thursday morning due to some back and forths of if we could go Wednesday or not. I booked my ticket thinking Thursday thinking that was it. Nope could have gone Wednesday but it's too expensive to change my ticket. Which really stinks so I won't be at the blogger convention like planned.

I haven't written much about BEA because I don't know what I am doing. Rather than actually plan and have an awesome schedule like some other bloggers. Jenna Does Books and The Bawdy Book Blog in particular, I will just run around flailing my arms until I get there. Then I will proceed to stare in aww and just hope that I make it to at least some of the signings I want to go to. The conversations with the hubs

Me: What if I don't get any books
Husband: Why wouldn't you get any books
Me: Because I'm weird

I'm excited to be going to BEA in New York and even more excited that it will be moving to Chicago in 2016 since I won't have to book a room or fly or anything like that. I'm trying to take a deep breath and use this as a time to network and get better and meeting other bloggers. Pass out business cards (that I made for the first time) and say hey over here. I love books and I just want to bask in that glory. I've been to other large scale shows. Mainly Print Shows (my dad repairs printing presses) and I know how overwhelming and exhausting it can be. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants live in the moment person.

So I have things scheduled on the blog this week but for the most part it will be slow. I hope to see you at BEA and if you see me. Please please say hi. I might be awkward but once I start talking I'm usually okay. I'll be in a dress/sweater/Toms combo no doubt. That's actually most comfortable to me even if I have to sit on the floor.