One Way Brain: My Review Troubles

I write fantastic reviews….

In the shower. In my car. Walking outside.

I write okay reviews….

when I sit down at my computer.

I know that this plagues me and I’m not sure if anyone else has the same problem. I will read a book and even sometimes while i’m reading, I will be thinking about it and digesting it. This is when my best writing comes out...but it’s all in my head. It sounds like there is an easy solution, keep a notebook with me so that when I read I can take notes. (Please do not tell me to write in my book…) More often than not my reading is stolen moments, when my kids are not asking for a drink or to make them dinner or do their laundry. So even if I had a notebook it would probably be filled with random words my son has decided to write in there when I’m not looking. I think my other problem is that I’m not a savvy typer on electronic devices. I would like to blame it on my age but my husband is older than me and can type like a speed demon on his phone. So the idea of making annotations is great but for me it takes up to much of my reading time trying to do it. I have even considered a voice recorder but I don’t know how often I would talk out loud honestly. I was that kid in school who couldn’t write rough drafts. When I would go to write the final paper I would change everything. Sometimes I wish there was a way to just plug into my brain.

How about you? Do you have this problem of reviews going from your head down on to paper?