Updates from the Library Shelves

We are enjoying nice weather here in the Chicagoland weather despite the tornadoes on Thursday. I live Southwest and they were Northwest so we only had bad storms. It's very crazy if you watch the news, I've never seen tornadoes captured so clearly. They leveled a whole city in Rochelle area. I remember 20 years ago there was tornado in the city over from me and it happened around 3p. So right before we got out of school. We were huddled in the hallway curled in balls because it was not a drill. Crazy. This is a link if you would like to help Illinois Tornado Victims

Besides that I've been kind of a mess. I have to get a test at the hospital this week and even though it's routine for me because I have Ulcerative Colitis. I just hate the prep for it, I hate being put under and I hate how I feel after. It involves a lot of sleeping for me so I won't even be able to read so I'm trying to get my reading done before it.

Besides that I got some fun packages this week. Before I get to that though these are the things that have happened on the blog.


I also did a fun post called Bookish Places & Reading Spaces, although I have to fix the terrible graphic. I hope to feature different cool places in the area and in the city.

Book Haul
I got a couple fun packages recently. One of which was the Ingaural Book Riot YA box. I had been looking forward to see what they would put in it. You can check out my Unboxing Post.

I also got a cool box for Off the Page
I never turn down sweets that's for sure and I thought the box the book itself came in was actually pretty cool too. It looks like a fairytale book then opens up to reveal the book. It has little says on all the folds. 

I also got a really cool thing I won from Entangled Publishing March Madness.

The Krispy Kreme cup has to do with Love and Other Unknown Variables if you read the book. I absolutely love the rose pin. I keep trying to figure out something to wear it on but I don't want to wreck it either.

I got some cool swag from Chloe Jacobs. The bookmark is awesome. I love the beads dangled from my book. It looks pretty on my shelf. I'm Team Isaac all the way. I loved the books. 

I'm doing a blog tour for Undertow so I got my Arc copy in the mail. The cover is kind of shiny even on the Arc. It's pretty cool. I read the first page just for curiosity and I can tell I'm going to be sucked in and creeped out.