Updates from the Library Shelves

Happy Sunday!! This is more of a two week update. I did not do one last week because the medication they gave me for my test at the hospital did not go over well with my body. I actually didn't read for a couple days which never happens. I at least read 20-30 pages a day even if I consider it a reading break day. It's just a thing I can't go without. 

Today my family did the March for Babies walk which raises money for the March of Dimes. It's a 3 mile walk so not too bad and my 5 year old son did the whole thing without complaints. My 3 year old daughter (the NICU grad) was not so happy about it. While we were walking though I got really excited because along our path was not 1 but 2 Little Free Libraries! I had no idea there were any in my area. I've actually thought about putting one in my yard but I'm not sure how that would go since I live by 2 schools and kids can be kids at time.
I kind of wanted to go back and take a picture of the other one as well but that might be weird if I drove around stalking Little Free Libraries.....I think people on the walk already looked at me funny when I audibly gasped after seeing it.

I'm working on a new layout again. I was already to switch my layout and decided I didn't like it anymore. That's how I go. So I'm working on a different one. I really like it except for one thing and it's taking me a while to read the code to change it. I hardly look at code anymore so it takes me more time. I've also been obsessed with a site called designcuts.com you can get good deals on Fonts and such. 



This week there was a lot of cover reveals and such so look back on older post for those.

got some fun swag from the YA Scavenger Hunt.
I also won some books from the YA Scavenger Hunt from Joy Preble

and I got a new Uppercase Box you can click on the picture to see my post about it.

I also went to a book signing that included Melissa Grey (her first signing), Arwen Elys Dayton and Rachel Hartman

I'm not sure why but sometimes I'm too lazy to get my picture taken with people. I think I'm just weird in general though. 

Thanks for stopping by. TTFN