Unboxing August @Uppercasebox

Life has been crazy and so I haven't really done an update on the blog. I wanted to share the recent boxes that I have gotten though because they are probably my favorite of my subscriptions so far. Great pick me ups for this stressful month.

First to start off with my Uppercase Subscription Box, check back tomorrow for my Owlcrate post.

I was pretty excited about this one because I had my eye on Rebel Mechanics and was actually kind of hoping that it would be the pick. Not only is it cool that you get the book with a signed bookplate

but the little post-it notes for extra content give the reading that extra level.

Plus check out this awesome bookmark. I absolutely love it!! I'm such a huge steampunk/gears fan and so this is absolutely perfect for not just this book but for all my books.

The Ampersand made me giggle. It's so cute plus I like that is looks like rose gold. Which is my favorite of the gold groups. Also I did put on a Litographs tattoo at BEA and had wanted to buy one. I just couldn't decide and then didn't do any. So I loved getting this one. Now I have to figure out where to apply it. 

Plus a Swoon Reads postcard and a Winter button. I love buttons. I'm starting to get caught up on the series. I finished Scarlet and am moving on to Cress finally.

So overall. I completely loved this box!! Really the boxes just keep getting better so if you are looking for a good one. I would definitely say this is a good choice.