Before I Disappear by Danielle Stinson

Before I Disappear
Author: Danielle Stinson
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Release Date: July 23, 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Rose Montgomery parks her family’s trailer in Fort Glory, Oregon with one goal: to carve out a new life for herself and her little brother, Charlie. They need a fresh start for their family, and she thinks she's finally found it in a town where nobody knows them.

But Rose’s plans come crashing down when, in an instant, Fort Glory disappears and every person in town vanishes into thin air—including Charlie.

Rose and four other teens become trapped in the Fold, a patch of woods caught halfway between the real world and the lost town. In the Fold, a mysterious force suspends the laws of physics, and everyone’s inner darkness has the power to kill.

To survive the Fold, Rose must unravel the clues Charlie sends her from the missing town. And Rose has to find Charlie soon—or he'll be gone forever.

Before I Disappear was an interesting book that I don’t think I was quite expecting. I wanted to read it because as a kid I loved a movie called Brigadoon, which is about a disappearing town. This book is absolutely nothing like that, except the town disappears, ha ha.

I did really like the story. At first I wasn’t so sure because there were things, about Charlie especially, that confused me. If you stick with it though, the story becomes really intriguing. Especially as the characters deal with the darkness, which has a lot of connection to the darkness inside themselves.

I would definitely call this book Sci-Fi because it deals a lot with Atom Smashing, Alternate Universes and Wormholes. There is actually a place by me called Fermilab that used to have an Atom Smasher. So I really liked this idea of a program that was built under the town, shut down and recently revived for another use that was affecting the town. So even though the book is Sci-Fi, I felt like it has that thriller aspect that I really love in stories like this. So some of my confusion was good confusion. Like what is happening with this town!! Kind of good way. Plus once you get more and more into the book, things start to make more sense.

I absolutely love the sibling bond between Rosie and Charlie.Charlie is full of wisdom that he gives to her in tid bits and she is his protector. The way they work together is sweet and is a major part of the story. The most important part of the story.

Rosie is a character that has been through a lot. Her history is not pretty and it has made her very skeptical of everyone. She keeps people at arms distance but she also realizes she can't live like this forever. You get to see her struggle with finding a home in the world. She truly loves her brother and mother and would do anything for them. So even though she seems way to prideful at times, she is really trying and that is commendable.

We do end up with a band of characters that work together. Rosie, Ian, Jeremy, Blaine and Becca. I’m always a big fan of having a strong group of characters that work together and play off each other.

It’s hard to talk about the plot because it would ruin the mystery. I definitely found it intriguing though and it is a quick read because the pacing keeps you moving. If you enjoy Sci-Fi thrillers this would be one to check out.

Stories were a central part of Danielle Stinson's childhood. Growing up in a military family meant frequent moves across the US and abroad. She spent many summers in her room surrounded by unpacked boxes and stacks of library books. She cur-rently lives with her husband and four boys in Virginia, where she writes fiction for young adults. Before I Disappear is her debut novel.


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