Immunity by Erin Bowman
Title: Immunity (Contagion #2)
Author: Erin Bowman
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: July 2nd 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Horror

Survivors of a deadly planetary outbreak take on a new, sinister adversary in the white-knuckle sequel to Contagion, which New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman called “gripping, thrilling and terrifying in equal measures.”

They thought their nightmare was over, but Thea, Coen, and Nova’s rescue was only the beginning. After being imprisoned on a ship they thought was their ticket to safety, it’s clear that the threat they left behind isn’t as distant as they’d hoped—and this time the entire galaxy is at risk.

Now that threat is about to be unleashed as an act of political warfare. To prevent an interstellar catastrophe, the survivors must harness the evil they faced on the planet Achlys and learn to wield the only weapon they have left: themselves.

The first installment in Erin Bowman’s duology earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly, who called the plot “intricate and action-packed,” and fans of Jonathan Maberry, Rick Yancey, and Madeline Roux will relish in Bowman’s tense, high-stakes conclusion to the events of Contagion.

I love Contagion so much, it was probably one of my favorite books I read last year. So I was extremely excited to read Immunity. Immunity definitely has a different vibe than Contagion because we now know what we are dealing with as far as the infection is concerned but it still keeps that fast paced, need to know what’s going to happen next that the first book has. I was so happy that Immunity is the perfect follow-up to Contagion and please do not read on if you haven’t read the first book because it’s so good I wouldn’t want anything spoiled.

We pick up where we left off and find Thea and Coen as prisoners in order to find out what makes them immune to the contagion. The Radicals want to use this to their advantage in order to free the Trios.

So much happens in this story. I kept thinking how am I going to write a review without spoiling anything?? I love the way the characters developed in the story. As Thea and Coen are forced to test their powers they find out how far they can bend themselves as well. I like the interactions and also how Thea never gives up on finding a different way out. If she doesn’t succeed she tries again, she watches everything happening and she makes mental notes. She is such a strong person even in the face of everything that has happened to them. I also like how their own relationship evolves and how they are leary of it being because they are in the situation they are in. Wondering if they would feel the same way if they weren’t thrown together by chance.

I also really like Nova’s part in this book. After everything she went through with Dylan it was nice to see her get to have something different with another character. I like how things developed really naturally.

So yay new characters!! One of the most exciting ones is Naree. Even though it’s like your just floating in the back of her consciousness, you keep wondering when she is going to explode on the scene. I also really like Amber and how she questions things instead of just keeping her head down. Even though we don’t get to really delve into her relationship with her father it was nice to know that he does care about her. I’m not sure why that felt like such a breath of fresh air but it did.

I really don’t want to give anything away! I’m worried I will! I have to say that Immunity is different than Contagion because the first book felt more like a thriller/mystery because you didn’t know who the enemy is. Immunity still has plenty of fast paced action (and casualties) and you are wondering if they are going to escape. You know the enemy now, so it doesn’t have that mystery part as much anymore. We get more of the politics and how the different companies work. As well as more of the Radicals plan. I love Sci-Fi but I also like Sci-Fi that people who are not huge into Sci-Fi can read. Which is how these books are.

I really liked this sequel to Contagion and it was the perfect follow-up. Well executed, fast paced and a great plot. I hope Erin Bowman explores writing more Sci-Fi stories.

Erin Bowman is the Edgar Award-nominated author of numerous books for teens, including the Taken Trilogy, Vengeance Road, Retribution Rails, and the Contagion duology. A web designer turned author, Erin has always been invested in telling stories—both visually and with words. When not writing, she can often be found hiking, commenting on good typography, and obsessing over all things Harry Potter. Erin lives in New Hampshire with her husband and children. You can visit her online at, on twitter @erin_bowman, or on instagram @heyerin.

Erin is represented by Sara Crowe of Pippin Properties.

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