Armchair BEA: Day 2

Design Credit: Nina of Nina Reads
So it's day 2 for the Armchair BEA event and todays topics are Becoming a Better Blogger and Genre: Fiction
So I will start of with becoming a better Blogger. I have only been blogging for a year and a half and even though that seems like a while the time has flown by. I probably started my blog around the worst time in my life to do so because my personal life exploded, so I think I went weeks where I posted barely anything. Although I have to admit that I learned things from that. At first I felt like I had to review everything everyone sends to me because I wanted to help them out. I learned quickly that it is just not possible. I also learned that if there are days that I don't blog then there are days I don't blog. My blog is meant to be a fun and kind of relaxing thing and I think I have found my happy medium. I don't participate in anything like tours, cover reveals, etc.. unless I'm genuinely interested in the book. I also do the same with reviews but I remind myself that I have found so many books that I enjoy because of reviewing or agreeing to review. There are books that I still think, gosh I wonder when the next one is going to come out, that are self-published. So I like to keep an open mind without overwhelming myself. I kind of made the decision that I was going to write reviews the way I like to write them and not follow review writing guidelines. I know super bad right. I do, however, want to improve the quality of my writing. Obviously my babble factor needs improvement too. :)
So the genre of Fiction. Well yep I love it, but I also enjoy non-fiction. I think I have read so many books on Russian and English history my head might explode. Trying to talk about Fiction is kind of very broad. I'm not sure I have met a subject in Fiction that I don't enjoy. I love love Sci-Fi and Fantasy but to be honest so many of those things are mixed together these days that you are not just reading a sci-fi book. It's a Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance book. So I think Fiction has really learned how to mix things up and give us so many great things for everyone to read. You don't have to be a hard core fan of Fantasy to enjoy something like Shadow and Bone, or completely sci-fi to get into Unraveling. If you are asking me to pick something specific in Fiction that I love, I can't do it. If you are asking if I love Fiction in general. Yes I absolutely do.