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Q: Happy Mother's Day! Who is your favorite mom from fiction?

Hmm favorite mom favorite mom. This is hard for me to think of because most of the moms if they are there are not really active in the mc's life. Usually because they have to work to support them both.

I like Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter, she is definitely a good example of a mom. She is one tough chick.
I can't think of a mom that really really stands out to me, not that there are not good moms in the books I read. I just can't think of one that I'm like wow I love that mom.
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  1. Yeah, Mrs. Weasley is great, and it is hard to think of fiction moms that stand out :)

  2. Mrs. Weasley was my answer too. Old follower via GFC but now following via BlogLovin'. :D Happy Friday!
    My FF

  3. good choice, I've seen a lot of Mrs. Weasley answers around. She is definitely the best :)
    Check out My FF

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  4. I was totally going to pick Mrs. Weasley but I figured I would be seeing her around the blog hop all night! :)

    Angela's Anxious Life

  5. Hopping through. You really can't go wrong with mrs. Weasley. I think we'd all love her to be our mom.
    My Hop

  6. She adopted Harry into the family from the very first moment making her a wonderful choice! She instilled such bravery and loyalty into all her children.

    Rie @ Mission to Read

  7. Ms. Weasly is a great mom! I'm a new follower through bloglovin. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Mrs. Weasley was my choice too. I'm a new Bloglovin' follower.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. She is one tough mama!
    Love your heading!
    New follower.
    My Blog

  10. I was like you, couldn't really think, but then I recalled them and I thought OMG I cannot believe I forgot! LOL it's hard to recall secondary characters, but if you do recall them, take note they must be fantastic characters, for you to eventually have remembered them :D

    My Follow Friday

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Mrs, Weasly is a fantastic mother. And a bad A at times.
    New follower Via GFC and Bloglovin
    my F&F

  12. I though this was a hard question too! I picked Mrs Weasley as one of my favorite moms also, I'm thinking she is a popular choice this week :)

    I'm a new follower. Here is my FFF at my blog, Nala's Book Corner!

  13. I chose Mrs. Weasley - she's just awesome! She's warm and welcoming, taking Harry in just like he's her own son! Plus she's witty and brave. Love her!

    New follower by Bloglovin' :D
    My FF Jennifer @ Donnie Darko Girl


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