Sunday Post: Book Haul, The long overdue version

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So this Book Haul is loooong overdue. I've been very busy lately on the weekends and during the week I've been doing a big run of Blog Tours. So I've been focused on reading and reviewing for those.

I hope everybody had a good mother's day. Not only was it mothers day for me but it was also my daughters 2nd Birthday! So talk about busy weekend.

First I'm going to start off with things that have been going on with the blog lately...




So moving on to my book haul. Well I've attended some events and won some things and I can tell you that I'm not buying anymore books for a while (as I buy a Nook book this morning) I really want to get through some books and write some reviews.

So first I was really excited about winning a few giveaways. One was for the Kimberly Derting Blog Tour and I won an awesome prize pack of all the books hardcover and signed, along with signed posters, bookmarks, stickers, braceletts and nail polish. So it was pretty exciting.

Then from Mundie Moms I actually won this a while ago but with the movie I think she has been busy so it came in the mail. Yay! A hardcover copy of Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi.

So then last weekend my husband and I journeyed on down to Kansas City, MO to go to RT. We actually made a weekend out of  it and did other things so he wasn't bored with just books. Who could possibly be bored with books. So I brought my books to be signed and then bought some new ones and had them signed. The two stacks on the left are the books I brought with me and the one on the right is the books I got there. I also got some various swags like bookmarks, cookie, jewelry, buttons and the awesome Seige and Storm nail polish. So it was lots of fun. I always feel a little overwhelmed because there are so many authors. Then there is a picture of me with Victoria Scott hooray and one with Jennifer Armentrout, yay! Two of my favorite authors of course.

Then I went to a the Dark Days of Summer tour which included
So I got my books signed by them, some bookmarks and that kind of fun stuff.
I'm really excited about the extra content from Liz Norris, I admit I'm totally obsessed with her books. I loved them.
As far as books go that is pretty much it. I'm sure I've gotten plenty of e-books because I'm a happy clicker when it comes to those. Look that is only .99 cents or 1.99 what a So sometimes I can't even keep track of what I have.
So what is your haul this week? Meet any fun authors?