Book Blitz & Giveaway: Now or Never by A.J. Bennett

Now or Never by A.J. Bennett
Publication date: June 19th 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary


Twenty-one year old Grayson Alexander finally breaks away from an abusive relationship and finds herself free for the first time in three years.

Determined to enjoy her new-found freedom, Grayson is intent on sticking with ‘no strings attached’ relationships—one-night stands, and steamy sex.

But she didn’t plan on Derrick.

Her attraction to the sexy man in uniform quickly turns into an unhealthy relationship. They both try to resist the pull, but neither can stay away.

When tragedy strikes, Grayson realizes it’s now or never—walk away or make it work.

A.J. Bennet Interview Ten Quick Questions

1.  Coffee or tea?

I have to choose one? I love coffee in the morning and tea anytime during the day.

2.   Morning or Night person?

Night owl. I do most of my writing at night. I also love to stay up late reading a good book.

3.  Favorite season?

Fall. I love sweaters.

4.  One thing you can’t live without?

My macbook air. It’s my lifeline.

5.  Favorite dessert?

Ugh, this is a tough one. Cheesecake? Brownies? Cookies? Depends on the day I guess.

6.  Do you ever write in your PJ’s?

All the time. I love christmas pajama’s for some reason. It’s the middle of July and tonight I’m wearing snowman pajama’s.

7.  Do you believe in soul mates?

Yes! I believe there is someone out there for everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes longer than we’d like to find them.

8.  Do you believe in magic?

Of course! Life is magic.

9.  Favorite bumper sticker?

I saw one the other day that made me laugh. It was 0.0 instead of the marathon distances.

10.  Love at first sight?

That’s a tough one. I do think there is an instant attraction but that’s more about sexual chemistry. The love part comes later. 


A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She’s addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she’s extremely excited about her debut novel Now or Never.

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