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Hey all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. I'm kind of having a lazy one mostly because my kids slept over at Grandma's house so I didn't have to rise at the crack of dawn this morning. So it's been a busy week on the blog and I actually screwed up a date of one of my tours. I was so mad at myself and I still  am, because tour host work hard getting the dates together. Besides that though I think it was  a good week and every one of these post includes a giveaway so make sure to check them out and enter.

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Book Haul

So I'm still trying to cut down on books because first off, I want to attack my TBR list like no other. Plus there are some book signing coming up that I'm really excited about that I no doubt will buy books for. I actually already have my ticket for the Allegiant signing. Lucky 13. So these are some of my books. The haul is light.

In the After by Demitria Lunetta ~ I wanted to read this anyway but I bought it right away when I found out she was a Chicago native. That's just how I am with such things.

I also got some awesomely cool swag from Rachel Harris

As far as the Summer Circus giveaway it looks like Born of Illusion beat out The Night Circus by one vote. what a dual that was!! I will be announcing the winner this week!!