Book Haul: Sunday Post

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Happy Sunday!! It's a beautiful weekend here which is exciting. So I've been spending a good chunk outside. Which is a nice change although I haven't been reading as much. Between still have a flare-up with my UC and not being able to settle on a book my currently reading is insane. I'm ashamed of myself. I like all the books I'm reading and when I start reading I get hooked for a bit then feel the need to bounce. I'm not sure what's wrong with me but besides blog tour requirements. I'm not allowing myself to add anything else to my currently reading list.


Burn Out and Daughter of Chaos still have giveaways open
Burn Out is an Author Interview as well


Giveaways all still open

A letter from Dante and Giveaway!

I'm still on a book buying ban until Easter but I think it's a good thing. I do have a couple gift cards I have even resisted using.

My friend got me the Imax Divergent poster because he rocks. He also is a part of The Harvey and Bob Show if you're into movies they do reviews. He sees like at least 3-4 every Friday night.

I also got a copy of The Falconer which I didn't such a great job including in this picture.

ebooks for review. I'm really excited for this.I listened to the first one on audiobook and fell in love.