Sunday Post: Book Haul

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Hello Sunday!! So it's been a usual crazy sad week. More people losing babies and it breaks my heart for them. I don't know what's going on lately and why I seem to know so many people with pregnancy complications. It's just well sad.  I'm still really burned out from my stupid UC still too so I"m slow moving. Plus on the weekends I don't hang out on the computer has much. It's that whole them being a part of my job that makes me disconnect for a bit. I actually decided my brain needed a vacay from most things so I bought and did a puzzle one night. It's good to give my mind something like that to do.

I finally bought a domain! I kept debating and not doing it then I thought I wanted something short and easier to type. I ended up with which for some reason it took me a week to get in the habit of typing myself. Seems to fit better.


Still 1 day left in Blue Notes Giveaway!


Teasers/Excerpts/Sneak Peeks


Arms of Anu Giveaway still going!

So first I won the plushy horse and postcard from Lucy Connors during #YASH. Then my library friend gave me the ARC of The Lonesome Young by Lucy Connors. Perks of being friends with the libarians. :) They can't put ARCs out on the shelves for checkout and they know if they ask me to read something and recommend stuff I will do it.

 I won these 3, I actually have 2 of them already so I'll be doing giveaways. I love the The winner's Curse hardcover. I listened to the audiobook but since I loved it I was going to buy it anyway and when I won it. I was like well this is cool. The cool thing about Remnants is Lisa actually took the time to sign it.
My picture is a little blurry but I thought that was pretty cool because she didn't have to personalize it and she did.
 I'm also part of the C.C. Hunter Shadow Falls Street Team. I loved the original series and now there is a spin off with Della as the leading lady (aka Kick-ass Female Vampire) so I'm so excited to dive in. I got all these cool stuff from her plus a poster but the mail person shoved it in the mailbox so it's bent up. Luckily when the library laments it smooths it out. Plus I'll see if they want to hang it up for a bit.
 Since next weekend is Easter I'll probably save the ebooks to show you then, since I'll be scheduling the post ahead time. I'm assuming I will be busy.