Sunday Post: Book Haul

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Last weekend I missed doing this post because I was really sick. I ended up missing Utopya too, which is a bummer. This weekend I spent today taking my son to meet Elsa and Anna at the local toy store and then going to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, which is such a good movie. I actually cried and I don't really cry. 

I really need to make a schedule for galleys. Some kind of spreadsheet because I always forget what new ones I get and what pub dates are. So I can make sure I'm reading them in order

Dark Days by Kate Ormand
Book Review and Dream Cast

Mind Static by Jen Naumann
Author Interview and Giveaway (15 days left)

More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs
Author Interview, Playlist and Giveaway (1 day)

Bloomsbury Spark Six Month Sparkiversary

The Half Life of Molly Pierce by Katrina Leno
Book Review, Dream Cast and Giveaway (1 day)

Ex-Factor by Elisa Dane
Author Interview and Giveaway(30 days)

Boneseeker by Brynn Chapman
Guest Post and Giveaway (11 days)

The there was the cover redo of Victoria Scott's Four House, which I love. It's one of my favorite short stories. She's going to extend it so I can't wait to read it again with new content.
Four Houses by Victoria Scott
Giveaway (11 days)


This is from my shopping spress at my local bookshop. Some books I feel like I just need to read and the Dust Lands I needed because it's the final book.

Okay so I'm super excited about this one and look at that cover. I wish I had it in print version but I'll just have to wait until it comes out.

Reading this for a blog tour that will be coming up this week. I really liked the first one, it has a good MC and of course there is Cadan.

I love Katlyn Duncan's other series so I'm excited to dive into this.


Love Melissa West and witches? of course (Salt & Storm) and then Virigin just looked really intriguing.

You can check out the earcs I get by stopping by my Earc goodread shelf (it's me being sort of organized.)