Top Ten Tuesday: Things I like/dislike on Book Covers

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is 
Things we like/dislike on our Book Covers

**All the Examples are covers that I LIKE**

Best Dressed
I know there are a lot of people who don't like having girls in a dress on the cover. I'm actually okay with it as long as it's done in an interesting fashion.

Off With Their Heads
Give me the imagery without showing me faces so that I can still use my imagination to fill in that part. I prefer not see any of the face though. If I see someone on the cover it does leak into my brain. Make sure if you are putting a face on the cover that it does look like the main character.

Color Me Pretty
I love the proper use of colors. Consult your color wheel my friends that is what they are there for. Don't you remember warm and cool colors from art class. Colors that pop are going to pop if the image is large or small.

I capitalized this because it's so important. A bad font can turn someone away instantly because it will make the cover look cheap and poorly produced. It won't matter what else you've got on there and it's going to be a funky font it needs to make sense for the story.

Take the Scenic Route
I like books that have a picture of the city or a landscape over people sometimes. It helps sets the scene and once again allows you to fill in the characters.

Tell Me a Story
I like when covers put together tell me a bit about the series

Repeat - peat -peat
One thing that does bother me is when I see the same stock image four hundred times. I'm sure cover shoots are expensive you have to sometimes deal with stock images but there has to be a way to get the rights so that no one can reuse it for that purpose. Maybe I don't know I don't work in publishing. :)
it doesn't matter which way this girl goes...there is trouble ahead

Illustrated By
Why not illustrate the cover. It's always interesting to look at it. I find myself wanting that for my bookshelf collection more than anything else.

These are just some things I like about covers. My likes/dislikes are kind of mixed in together with my descriptions. :)