Banner Change!

So my blog has been around for a year already. Seems crazy to me, I didn't do a big celebration but maybe I will do something a little later. I haven't been super blogging lately because my dad has kidney cancer and the last couple weeks I've been kind of dealing with the stress and anxiety of that. Soo luckily they are going to remove his kidney and then the cancer should be gone. So it's been a difficult year but I have found plenty of comfort in reading and checking out everyone else's blogs. So I will have plenty of reviews to post soon.

I did however design a new blog banner a few weeks ago and hadn't changed the site. So I decided on a whim to do it today. Fun Friday!! Let me know what you think. The colors of the site is what I worry most about. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of all the brown but I like to go with readability. I try to make sure all of my text and links are easy to see and read. So hopefully that is accomplished with the new look. You might see things in the banner move around and change because I have a habit of adding and subtracting things. Especially when I have something like a room to work with.