Book Haul: Sunday Post

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I haven't been exactly buying a ton of books. I've been trying to control myself and besides the Holidays are coming up so it gives people something to buy me. Plus I really need to make a bigger dent in my TBR list.

I was pretty excited to win a Dust Lands Prize pack from A Book and a Latte

It's a shirt and a hardcover edition of Dust Lands by Moira Young. The shirt is really nice quality too.

Last week I was also able to go to the Ally Condie book signing and while there picked up my copy of Reached. Which of course I also had signed along with Matched and Crossed. Along with signing books Ally was also giving away signed Matched Trilogy posters, so I have one of those too. I can't wait to frame it. I loved the book covers.

I love hearing authors talk about their books and the process they go through when writing them. Each author is unique in their experiences and I feel like it makes me a little more connected to a book when I read it. There were some really interesting tid bits about the covers. Now Authors really don't have say in their covers but I have to say this series has to be one of my favorite. The color of each book represents each color tablet. The Green, the Blue and the Red. Also what is really cool is the girl in the pictures is the photographer herself. She did self potraits of herself and then of course added the sphere later. The book signing was a lot of fun and she mentioned she actually wrote five other books before this series, so now I'm curious to check them out.

Yay so that's really all for books this week. I'm still just trying to get myself caught up and kind process some family health issues. So not too much activity last week. I did have a book spotlight for Halifax by Leigh Dunlap that is worth checking out and will be participating in the Rogue Blog Tour this week. So make sure to stop back and visit!