The Smell of Independence

This is just my own personal musing about the Independent bookstore but is something that I realized the other day.

Now long ago there was a store called Borders and although it was a chain bookstore there was something about it that I was always fond of. I could spend hours there sitting, eating snicker doodle cookies, drinking tea, people watching and of course reading. When Barnes and Noble became the only bookstore that you could find everywhere it just didn't have that same something Borders did. I couldn't figure out what was missing.

It's the Independent Bookstores that reminded me. My friend and I were walking around downtown area of my hometown and I of course had to stop by Andersons, my local indie shop, and the moment I walked in a took a deep breath and reveled in the smell of books. The smell of books! I realized that's what is missing from larger chain stores, it is that glorious smell of ink of pages!! I swear that smell instantly puts my brain into relaxation mode and makes me feel like "I'm home". Of course there are many things I love about Independent bookstores, the friendly people who are probably there because they are avid readers. Why else would you open a bookstore? The more enclosed and cozy spaces with the just right amount of lighting and the more intimate book signings.

So with all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season and the millions upon millions of sales at big chain stores, remember that wonderful smell of your local bookstore and make sure to stop by. I'm sure mine wonders who the whacko is that comes in and just stares at their books for an hour (ya it's me)......