Vote Chicago for #DaemonInvasion

So @entangledteen is allowing the readers to choose where to have Jennifer L. Armentrout's Opal Release Party. It's been narrowed down to five cities and Chicago is one of them. So why should you VOTE for Chicago? Why because it's the best city around! Just look at this view and you can find spots like this all over the city.

Not only that, out of the five cities Chicago is the one that is most centrally located in the country. That means shorter plane flights for everyone!!! Not only that we have two airports to accommodate the trillions of people who will be out for the signing!! These are not the only reason I think Chicago is grand, just think Pizza, Hot Dogs and Garretts Popcorn. The Magnificent Mile and State Street, which at this time of the year will have the windows decorated for Christmas. If you are not a fan of being in the actual city you can stay out in the Burbs and it's only a train ride to get to downtown. It's also a huge sports city so if you need to drag along a companion (this is the case with my husband) they won't be disappointed! I could probably go on forever as to why you would want to not only come to Chicago for the Release Party but also just to visit. There's a reason there are songs written about Sweet Home Chicago!!!

Those of you in the Chicagoland area please help spread the word Wanderlust Books and I are trying to blow up the web and get votes. So make sure you vote, if you haven't read Jennifer's books this is the time to do it. She rocks my socks off with all of her series! If she is not enough to get you voting (even though she should be) how can you say no to Pepe (aka Daemon)....

Yep (schedule permitting) he will be there too..I was able to meet them both in Georgia this summer and I can tell you.....they are awesome!!

Voting goes on until Nov. 13th. VOTE HERE