Katniss Barbie Doll

Mattel wastes no time and has revealed the Katniss Barbie Doll. Yes you can buy this doll for yourself in August or even preorder it at Barbie Collector.

To be honest I like collecting things like this sometimes and the doll actually looks decent. I just found it funny that one of the articles I was reading actually said you can reenact the Hunger Games at home. Umm no.... I don't think I will thanks.
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  1. Who wouldn't want to reenact it at home?! A bunch of little barbies killing each other sounds so sad.
    I wonder if they are going to be making Peeta and Gale ones next?

    1. I think that when they try to make the boys they always look freaky. I was curious and pulled up the Ken version of Edward from Twilight and wow...creepy

  2. LOL @ reenact it at home! Maybe get a Dumbledore figurine to play President Snow? Or stick a beard and white hair on Ken? I don't see it working! Doll does look like Katniss though! I hope lots of little kids will be killing their toys thanks to this x

  3. Do you think of it as a toy or art? Quite a few companies, like Kotobukiya or Bowen Designs, can certainly make these toys into art, like Black Lagoon's Revy Figures. Because these are made by Mattel, they are most likely intended to be toys. In time, they'll be collectors' items.


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