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In My Mailbox

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So I went to the Dark Days book signing. It actually used to be the Dark Days of Winter but that doesn't really make sense anymore since it's Spring so I think they dropped the Winter part.

The tour included Jill Hathaway, Dan Wells and Kim Derting. I actually already had my book signed by Kim Derting at RT but I had somehow missed Jill Hathaway or my mind told me that she would be at the Dark Days tour and I could wait until then. Which is more likely. I love hearing authors talk about their books, I could probably go to signings without getting anything signed. Which would seem a little strange but it's fascinating to me what was going on in their mind when they wrote something. All three were nice and down to Earth, I have yet to meet mean authors. Books, Authors, Readers...it's such a different world. I'm more of a people watcher then I am a talker so when I meet people I never know what to say.

Oh the other cool thing about the signing was that I got to see Fragments (Partials #2) book cover. It looks really good. It matches up with the first cover perfectly!

Partials by Dan Wells (signed)
Slide by Jill Hathaway (signed)

From Netgalley;

Glitch by Heather Anastasiu
House of Night #1 by