Manga Monday

Manga Monday is a newer meme hosted by Alison Can Read.

Why do I like Manga/Manwha/Manhua so much. Well it's basically just YA books in picture form. Some popular YA books made into Manga are Twilight series and The Infernal Devices series. I believe both are done by Yen Press. 

So many different series to choose from I had to really think about what I wanted to feature today. Go with old popular one or maybe something more obscure. I think I'm going with a cute shoujo manga.

Kimi to Koi no Tochuu by Aikawa Saki
Volumes: 3 (complete)
American Publisher: None

"Just when I thought it'd start with you, you disappeared; I would've never thought this...

Yuna has lost trust in love after her first boyfriend Takumi broke up with her. Shiina-kun from her class has already confessed to her twice and now finally she approached onto love another time. But Takumi appears in front of her!! What will the swaying Yuna do!?"

I like this manga because in this love triangle you have no idea who you are supposed to choose. She ends up dating Shiina and is dedicated to him even though Takumi is back. Then the actual cause of their break-up comes to light. Both guys are good guys and she is not dating Shiina because she feels sorry for him, she actually likes him. What's a girl to do? I really like Aikawa Saki's drawing style which is what attracted me to this manga. So if you are looking for a light cute typical shoujo this is for you!