Manga Monday

Manga Monday is a newer meme hosted by Alison Can Read.

Why do I like Manga/Manwha/Manhua so much. Well it's basically just YA books in picture form. Some popular YA books made into Manga are Twilight series and The Infernal Devices series. I believe both are done by Yen Press. 

This is more like Manga afternoon since I was having some computer issues. So on to today's feature.

Orange Marmalade by Seok-woo
Country of Orgin: Korea
Type: Webtoon from Naver
Status: Ongoing
American Publisher: None
Fan Site: Webtoon Live

"The story of a female vampire trying to live a normal school life, but what will happen when she bites the school's most popular boy?"

 So we find ourselves in a world where Vampires and Humans co-exist but that doesn't mean happily. There is a lot of discrimination against Vampires even though they no longer drink from humans. They are more civilized now (kind of like True Blood) and get alternate ways. Baek Ma Ri is one of these vampires who has had to move around because her little brother doesn't quite get the concept of not biting people. All she wants to do is live a normal life. She hides the fact that she is a vampire and tries to be a loner at school to avoid people finding out her identity. Besides she figures if they did they wouldn't want to be friends with her anymore anyway. Jae Min is the popular boy at school that can not stand being touched by girls. There story begins when they are riding the same train and Ma Ri finds herself attracted to Jae Min's sweet smelling blood, without realizing what she is doing she bites his neck. After that Ma Ri tries to avoid Jae Min like the plague and Jae Min becomes oddly fascinated by the girl he thinks is crazy.

There is of course a whole cast of other characters. Ma Ri's friends, her crazy family, her Aunt and of course the girl who wants Jae Min. It's a fun read and the nice thing about web comics is that they are in color.

Barnes and Noble actually has there own Manga Monday where they feature titles for 50% off. There are a couple of titles that I like on there today.