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Release date: November 26th 2013
Publisher: Indie Style Press
Purchase: Amazon

Shadows follow you in the darkness of the night and the eerie sensation of being watched crawls up your spine. Your sanity pulls apart at the seams as the terrors stalk their victims, leaving you too frightened to turn off the light.

These twisted stories will leave you breathless, dreading the horrors lurking around the corner.

Seventeen authors. Seventeen tales of terror. Infinite nightmares.

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Hi, my name is Lindy Spencer, and I’m a Stalker. Wait, that’s not right. I’m one of the seventeen authors who were picked to have a story published in the anthology by Cynthia Shepp and Rene Folsom, and the title of the book is Stalkers. That’s what I meant. No, really, it is... :)

I want to talk a little bit about stalkers. They’re everywhere, you know. Have you ever taken an hour and relaxed on a park bench, content to watch the world go by? Have you seen the people who meander past, seemingly oblivious to everyone and everything around them? Then there’s the guy with the baseball cap, or the woman wearing workout gear, wearing sunglasses and not paying attention to anything else except the oblivious person who walked past several seconds ago? Think back... if it wasn’t you on the bench, watching, were you the oblivious one or, perhaps, the baseball cap wearing gentleman? Stalkers can be anyone, anywhere, anytime.

All seventeen stories in the anthology have one thing in common: Stalkers. We were only told that there had to be a stalker, and our minds were responsible for coming up with the rest. Some of us went a little crazy with it, but we all had fun with the writing, as we hope you’ll have fun with the reading.

My story, The Watcher, is about a lady who knows something’s wrong, but can’t get herself righted for long enough to figure out what the problem is, or more importantly, how to fix it. I’ve been in that kind of situation before, but luckily not in the particular one she finds herself in. That would be freaky!

Oops, that sounds like the door. I’ve got to run. Let me drop off this excerpt for you before I go; take a peek, and if you like what you see, you can read the full story in Stalkers: an anthology. Talk to you soon!!

The Watcher by Lindy Spencer Excerpt

Coming back to reality, I remembered my manners. “Hold on, let me get my purse, just one sec.” I took a step back into the house and turned, setting the vase on the hall table to free my hands. As I carefully set it down, I ran my hands up to the stem of the vase to make sure it was settled.
“Ouch!” I jerked my hand back. A dot of blood on the tip of my index finger was growing; I lifted my hand to my mouth and sucked to make the bleeding stop. The room seemed to shimmer for a moment, as if the sun were reflecting off a shiny secret…

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Lindy Spencer currently lives in Oklahoma with her superhero family - Amazing Husband and Super Smart Dog. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely reading, riding motorcycles, or shooting things with a Canon.
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