Sunday Post: Book Haul

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When I started setting up this blog post, I was thinking wow the blog has been busy. Me not so much, snow has been keeping us indoors way more than we should be. If you have kids you know. They get on the stir crazy side. I'm going through a book bounce phase right now so I'm reading about 10 different books. They are all good. I just seem to be in different moods every hour. It's a crazy thing I do. I was hoping to have at least two finished this weekend but I might taking my son to see the Lego movie today. Whoo Hoo! I loved Legos when I was a kid so I'm kind of excited for just me. lol. So here are the blog happenings.

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I did get some new egalleys but I'm going to focus on physical books this week. Egalleys next week.

I was sent this cool swag and book (signed) by the awesome Viv Daniels (Diane Peterfreund) for helping out with her One & Only blog tour. Which I loved the book. 


Her Dark Curiosity was because I read The Madman's Daughter for a read-a-thon and was way more into then I thought I would be. Which is why i love read-a-thons. Be With Me...well of course. The I've heard so many good things about Not a Drop to Drink I decided to finally buy it.

The blog is again action packed this week so make sure to stop back or subscribe in some way or form. I will give you a virtual hug. :)