Sunday Post: Book Haul

Whoa so I did not expect my weekend to start the way it did. My daughter woke up in the middle of the night Friday into Saturday sick. Then my son wasn't too far behind. So there was a lot of cleaning and a whole lot not getting anything done.

So this weekend is a long weekend because I have Monday off for President’s Day or something like that. I work for a school district but in IT , sometimes I don’t even realize we have a day off coming up it’s like a surprise, we don’t work a teacher schedule so I work in summers, spring break and such. Anyway enough rambling about that I was excited to find I have Monday off. Unfortunately my husband does not so that’s a bummer. This also going to be take 2 trying to go to the Lego movie. It was sold out and insane in the theater! My son is 4 so I wasn’t sure about waiting 1. an extra hour 2. in a long line. So hopefully you all saw it. Next weekend after that I’m supposed to go with my friend to see Vampire Academy, so I’m excited about that.

It’s been a difficult reading week. Although the snow has finally taken a break my kids are stir crazy. It’s like if they see me reading they have to jump on me, if I’m cleaning or doing laundry...not so much. I have lots and lots of reading I want to get done. My TBR is way too full.

I discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, not in the way unearthed from the ground like an archaeologist thing. I finally watched them. I was bored at work one day and was reading a parajunkee post and thought I remember when Rachel raved about these Lizzie Diaries. So I looked them up and watched a couple and thought hey these are kind of cute and funny. So now I’m enjoying them. Later than everybody else but better late than never right. Have you ever watched them?

Wow that was kind of long....Anyway so on to what happened on the blog this week....

Book Reviews

Author Interviews

Excerpts, Giveaways and Fun Stuff


Cover Reveals


I think almost every post has a giveaway. Definitely enter the Flirtilicious Giveaway hop. I'm giving away a blind date with a book. If I get enough entries the book will probably be signed. So make sure to click and enter. Next week I've got a few reviews scheduled and a few other cool things.


So first off on Valentine's Day I got an awesome cake pop bouquet from my husband so I'm kind of on a sugar rush all the time. On V-Day I also got an awesome bag from Entangled Publishing celebrating their 3rd birthday. I love Entangled because I've always had good experiences with them. I'm not the coolest kid on the block but whenever I have interacted with them nothing but niceness back.

I consider this a tote filled with awesomeness. Candle (smells so good), lip balm, magnets, magnet bookmarks and of course books.

Books Included;
Scintillate by Tracy Clark (you can check out my blog tour stop for this one. This book has a great beginning.)

Ebook Haul for Review


 I'm really excited for all of these books. I just about died with happiness for Strange and Ever After. Click on the covers to add them to your goodreads.

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  1. Sorry to hear your kids were sick - hope they are on the mend!!! I'm a bit sick of the snow myself, so I understand how they must feel - way too much snow and freezing temps this winter...I can't wait for spring!!!

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  2. I know a bunch of people who loved The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I watched a few but didn't really get into it and I forgot about going back to watch any more.

  3. I also participated in the Flirtacious February Hop this week. Sad to hear you had a difficult reading week, I had a lot of those in January, but so far February seems better.
    That Entangled package looks awesome! And you got some good looking books this week, I hoep you enjoy them all!

  4. That gift bag is awesome! And amazing haul!
    New follower :)
    ­Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  5. Hope your kids are feeling better and yes to a three day weekend. I am loving that tote from Entangled so sweet!

  6. We wanted to see the LEGO movie too but didn't have time this weekend, and I imagine the theater was very crowded anyway. Maybe next weekend...

    Nice interview w/ Kristin Bailey, that was good to see since I just picked up the first book in that series. Looks good!

  7. I saw the Lego movie and really liked it! I am so jealous of your haul. And the Entangled bag and stuff is awesome!! Thanks for following me, and I've followed you back on Bloglovin.


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